Rosor på banken

På de flesta banker räknas unika växter som tillgång. Banktjänstemän utbildas för att underhålla växter mot ränta. Anställda har guldrosor på sina slipsnålar eller blusar.

Bakom bankbyggnaden underhålls kundernas växter. Historiska tulpanlökar sköts enligt holländska handböcker. Buxbomsjuka plantor, som härrör från 1700-talets Versaille, hålls efter med eldspruta.
En del växter är så värdefulla att de odlas i kedjelåsta växthus. Dessa arter är så hemliga att enbart en banktjänsteman har befogenhet i ärendet.

Växterna ses som valuta och är lika gällande som guldtackor. För att kunna ha sina växter på bank innebär emellertid arbete dygnet runt, samt utryckning vid skyfall eller liknande. Kostnaderna utgår därefter.

Den här rosen heter the Fairy, men behöver inte bo på bank riktigt än!


Bright colors behind a blue thread


Foto-0028Antirrhinum majus, lejongap

Foto-0030The blue thread the headline’s referring to is the fence. I wanted to make a line that tells no entrance without looking hostile. I love to show the garden and I like to invite kind people who pass by.
But sometimes people go in when I’m not there, sometimes they pick flowers. That’s a sad feeling. I always know someone’s been there. I’ve found flowers picked up by the roots, and bent stems that didn’t go off without scissors – lilacs for example, and were just left there.
A line is always a line, it communicates that we want to be left alone. And that we protect something that’s needs to be undisturbed. An invisible line can be drawn, but some won’t see it. The soft blue thread gives the message; – I’ll gladly show the flowers in the morning.


Foto-0027Myskmalva (Malva moschata). A edible flower that has been cultivated since the middle ages. Turns the green salad in to a pink salad, only in Heaven’s salad bar (if there is a salad bar :-) 

Foto-0063I’m glad someone has taken an interested in this one!” So the salesperson told me  when I was visiting a flower market and stopped at her tent. I became interested in this intense red velvet achillea, because I’d never seen a red one before.  -Once I leave this market I’ll never find one again. It suits the garden wonderfully with its rough and wild character. I’ve moved it again to a more wild looking corner by the bench. This flower makes no excuses!

Foto-0050The plant is used for medical purposes and not for the ornamental gardens. I also keep the wild versions, my bunny eat the plant.

One more ruby figure.



Thanks for reading! I’ll continue  with more flowers soon… :-)




Midsummer two thousand and fourteen flowers


I cut down some of the hedge’s high tops. Now we can watch the sunset and field outside. It looks dark but was incredibly bright sun at that moment.


Peace is another rose that was not of my doing from the beginning.  It has needed a bit of help though! By cutting back branches and shady plants the rose bush got a sunny position again. The flower switches softly from bright lemon to apricot. And it surely smells like fruit as well :)



Lush luck from Mexiko. Today we found a fifth petal on a leaf… I thought finding a fourth petal was extreme enough!



Don’t say anything, I found this and had to have it ;)


Some kind of strange onion. From my rescue-the-plants project.Foto-0025 Foto-0022Foto-0024

Foto-0017 Foto-0015 Foto-0014


Purpurklätt or silent coronaria  are biennals and only spread from seed. They rely on the wind and can start to grow almost anywhere in the garden. First year the plant only make leaves, and bloom the second year. Last year I collected all the little seedlings I could find and put them in one place.  Foto-0009


Strange looking plant, but on the other hand I got it on sale ;)Foto-0006

My pal opposite grows many flowers too. Yesterday I said good afternoon to a hedgehog on its evening stroll in this garden.


Enjoy! :) Happy summer!

I do nothing for them

Finally the roses have gathered their group to bloom. And they are many with the soft smell that keep lying in the air. This explosive bloom only last a week. There will be other roses throughout the summer and even autumn. But this is… June. The energy that lies in  these roses is there, even though I do nothing. I do nothing for them.

But I have cleared a small corner where I can sit and rest. The pictures are taken there.

Foto-0004Foto-0001 Foto-0007 Foto-0008

The wind! :)

In the background, the walnut tree.Foto-0012 Foto-0013

From another angle.


Foto-0017 Foto-0018 Foto-0020
Foto-0022 Foto-0025 Foto-0026

All cred to my bike! Without it I wouldn’t have been able to come. I had to walk, big no no! :)


The entrance, I don’t demand a riddle ;)
Foto-0031 Foto-0032

Experimental… Just had to make these two.  The pattern of the daisies  could be city lights,  audience cameras or.. snow?





That’s all my photos for today! All the best, hugs from Emelie :)



Pictures from the allotment!

Pictures from the allotment!

The little box bunny sits next to  the lucky four clovers… Alright they’re not real four clovers but oxalis tetraphylla. But for me they spread luck anyway! The leaves and the sweet pink flowers need direct sun to really unfold. This plant comes from Mexico, that’s exciting!



Bees can’t get enough of this ”midsummer flower” Geranium sylvaticum. I haven’t planted this but someone else did! Someone who enjoyed this allotment before me. The stems are so soft I can’t describe it, like wool perhaps.


Upside down…


The heat was almost too much for me today. I spent most of the time in the shadow, resting on the bench or organizing this and that. I had much fun watching the birds. A pair of talgoxar (parus major) and their kids’re learning to fly. I stepped out in the sun now and then and saw this ladybird sunbathing.


This is a wild spread rose and bloom just for a couple of days. I’ve collected the petals though, saving for my potpurri.

The path leads on to the right. The midsummer flowers also to the right. The rain gauge is  quite empty ;-) Today I refilled and cleaned the birds’ water bowls (also for other thirsty creatures to share) Toads have been spotted.


We all need equipment… And something soft on the hard old church bench! Yep, this is a real one but now it’s white and black. It was in an awful state when I ”inherited” it from grandpa. ;-)Foto-0048

Cupressus, looks like lollipop with blue candy sprinkles on it(cones) I was determined to have one and bought it two years ago. I don’t know why I was so determined, not much of pinophyta style otherwise. Glad I did plant it though! No it doesn’t have yellow flowers! Only one of my tricks, a very tall Chinese buttercup reaches the ball!

Many people who pass the allotment area ask me about my tricks. The green apples in june is puzzling for some, the apples are quite authentic… but plastic!



Chinese butterball trollius chinensis


The red Japanese maple’s swinging like a ghost in the middle. I got this from a castle, or from the castle’s garden shop (Sofiero castle in Helsingborg). The tree reaches one meter. Foto-0039 Foto-0036 Foto-0035

Well, it’s gotta be dirty too! That shovel is my third hand!!!


One of my newest plants, perenniall honesty. I dug it up from an abandoned allotment area near by. It had to be left since it will be transformed into a new underground waste system. I have quite a collection of plants from there, it has been some hectic work. If I were to buy all those plants I’d be approx. 1000 SEK.



That’s it for now!! Thanks for reading :-)